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Felix Joseph

In 1986 at the height of the recession, I saw a news item about abandoned towns in the North of England where the local council was selling houses for 1 pound as long as the buyer had the resources and agreed to fix them up. At the age of 16, I went to my local bank and asked for a loan which would allow me to take up the council on its offer. The bank manager did not so much laugh me out of his office but smile encouragingly, telling me that he liked my ambition but he could not help me, perhaps if I came back in a few years when I was older.

 Graduating Brunel University in the recession of 1992 I saw the lack of available job offers as an opportunity and set up a number of businesses which helped me to learn business first hand and on the job. As the economy recovered I re trained into IT, starting at the very bottom, as a support helpdesk operative and working my way up to a Microsoft and Cisco Senior technical engineer and IT freelance contractor. It was at this point that I decided to change direction and go back into my first love and chosen career, property.

My wife and I paid over 20,000 pounds in property investment courses and within 4 years had amassed a property portfolio of 17 properties using creative finance and low money down techniques. As they say you can´t buy them all so due to the surplus of deals we were sourcing we starting selling on deals to others and property under one roof was born. Whilst in a visit selling properties in Spain we fell in love with the Costa and decided it was the place to raise our children. Within 2 years we were settled in Spain, semi retired from the passive income coming in from our property portfolio.

As victims of the recession of 2009 we stayed in Spain our children’s new home and worked hard enabling our Spanish business to survive. More importantly than survival was the level of knowledge, expertise and contacts we developed in the process which allowed us to go into being a Spanish Bank repossession Specialist and Spanish mortgage advisor by 2013.In 2016 I returned to my First love, property investment and portfolio building by agreeing a joint venture with a client who had previously bought a family home from me. I found the deal and did the finance; he put in the money and in 2016 we bought a penthouse apartment for 77,000 Euros which we aim to put on the market in January 2020 for 150,000.

I am now looking for more joint venture partners to speed up this process whilst the opportunities are still here. I an offering a 100% hand free investment to allow them to take advantage of the high rates of return available by investing in a market which at its worst had prices fall by 70% and is currently less than half of their long term market value.

About the Team: Two is the Magic number

Over the years we have discovered that two separate collaborators for each mission critical aspect of our business is the optimal. One primary business for the majority of our workload and one backup company to take the overwhelm or to handle specific problems.

Using this methodology as our basis allow us to introduce our teams

LW Asociaos

LW Asociados Mortgage Division

As a property investor and deal packager in the UK since 2002 I soon found the practical benefit of arranging the finance myself.

As such I have worked with mortgage finance since the early 2000’s and have arranged millions in bank finance for myself and clients.

It was the obvious choice to continue to do this when I moved to Spain and selling toxic debt for Spanish Banks in 2013 created the perfect opening for me to build the relationships which allowed me to broker in Spain. As part of the mortgage collective I work closely with LW Asociados to get my clients the best Mortgage deals on the market, especially because they specialise in getting deals done which others can not.

THE Finance Bureau

TDP Finance

In addition to this I also built great relationships with 2 of the most successful independent mortgage brokers in Andalucía LW Asociados of whom I am an associate member and TDP Finance whom I have worked with since my 1st year in Spain.

We work together as a loose Co operative ensuring that any deals which we cannot place directly can still be resolves and financed by taking it to each other’s banking contacts.

This co operation over competition approach has increased the success of all parties ad allowed us to write much more business over the last decade

Always working to UK standards with a focus on exemplary service for our clients, our alliance has allowed us to resolve problems and arrange finance together that as an individual we would not have been able to achieve thus providing a greater service to our clients, regardless f their circumstances and getting them deals that other could not do .

Martinez Echevarria and Castillo

Martinez Echevarria and Castillo

Always working with the philosophy of having a backup when needed we have built up relationships with a number of solicitors on the Costa del sol

Our main solicitors are Martinez Echervarria whom we have worked with since 2007 before Perez the 3rd partner left.

ME are one the biggest Law from on Andalucía and one of the biggest in Spain giving us access to expert legal advice on absolutely any are of law through their internal network.

I started out working with their Marbella office but was overjoyed when a good personal friend of mine was asked to head up the New Estepona office and immediately asked me to bring my business there.

I now have a great relationship with a solicitor in my locality which gives me access to expertise throughout the country.

LW Asociaos

LW Asociados Solicitors at Law

No this is not a misprint, as well as having one of the best mortgage brokers on the Costa del sol, LW Asociados also is home to one of the strongest legal practices in Andalucia.

Francisco at LW Asociados has the business acumen missing from most law firms in the UK and Spain and as such can think outside of the box in getting the impossible deals done whilst staying 100% within the confines of the law.

Although under one umbrella the legal and mortgage sides of the business are separate yet both represent some of the best property investment professional service available in Spain.

Luxux Regia

Luxux Regia

Carrying on the tradition in Europe of the efficient, highly skilled and reasonably priced Eastern European builder Florin has built a sterling reputation for himself over the last few yeas

Based in Sotogrande where the affluent clientele come with high standards for work and service he has overcome the obstacles of being the new guy on the block and won the business of many who had previously taken their work elsewhere.

Always customer focused with a knack for problem solving and a long term view of business his customer satisfaction over profit margin attitude make him a winner and his attention to detail and stringent management of his team makes his business a pleasure to work with giving us confidence with regards to quality of work and deadlines.



Working for many years for CITB the UK construction training company has given Sharon Joseph great experience in the UK building tradeAdd to this many years as a property investor specialising in Long and short term rentals in the UK and Spain and you have a perfect storm. Having run a successful property portfolio for many years in the UK she moved to Spain to replicate this picking up over 50 property rental & management contracts in her first year.

Managing properties for her clients and arranging long term lets and well as the elusive repeat yearly rentals which give short term rentals clients the long term security they need. Her construction and interior design background made her perfectly placed to project manage renovations large and small and her portfolio of projects in Spain stretches over 10 years meaning that she has not built a solid list and relationship with the best workmen available on the costs Del sol.

She is hard working and frankly brilliant at her job, but I suppose that I have to say that as she is my wife.

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